Coco Bongo

Opened in 1999, this busy night club has itís customers literally dancing on the bar and on the tables. The line of anxious customers can be seen nightly, waiting their turn to get through the door and start the party. Coco Bongo is located at the Forum.

Daddy Rock

Live rock and roll bands from Mexico City who play both American and Mexican hits. Good bar food and great tequila slammers. This has an outdoors bar where you can go for some fresh air. This place is located across the street from the Forum.

SeŮor Frogs

Between Plaza Flamingos and Caracol, this club has live rock and reggae music and lots of beer. There is a shoot that drops you straight into the lagoon. If you think thatís not for you, wait Ďtill midnight and see how you feel.

Azķcar (Sugar)

In the Camino Real Hotel, the night club ĎAzucarí has live Cuban bands and the best salsa dancers in town. It never ceases to amaze me each time I go there the dancing skills of the locals and the Cuban visitors. The club overlooks the Caribbean sea but for once you forget where you are  and you sit in amazement of their natural talents.