These are a few letters send by our customers. Please feel free to email them to ask about our condos and our service.


De: Jill Beaumont [mailto:jillbeau@gmail.com]
Enviado el: Saturday, May 17, 2008 3:57 PM
Para: david@cancun-condos.com

Hi David,
I wanted to email you today since we just got back from our vacation yesterday (well, actually today for me since my plane was delayed in Florida).  We all had a wonderful time and the condo was fantastic!  The view from the ocean front balcony was better than we thought.  The maids were friendly and did a great job keeping our rooms clean (since we are all very messy...).  This is my second time visiting Mexico (I studied in Guadalajara for the summer of 2006), and I continue to find more reasons to love it each time I visit.  If I had it my way, I would move there in no time.  The people and the culture always amaze me and make it incredibly hard to leave. 

Thanks again for all your help with our trip.  The condo was great for the price and if I come to Cancun again (and I hope that I will in the near future), I'll be sure to let you know.

Best wishes,



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De: Jbarber248@aol.com [mailto:Jbarber248@aol.com]
Enviado el: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 3:06 AM
Para: david@cancun-condos.com
Asunto: Re: DVD PLAYER

David, I want to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed our recent visit to Cancun!  And let me tell you staying in room 1808 at the Solymar was definitely one of the highlights!  We also really enjoyed our meal at the Puerto Madero on June 2, my wife's birthday.
Thanks again for everything and we will definitely contact you before our next visit to Cancun!! 


De: Divajamiewalker@aol.com [mailto:Divajamiewalker@aol.com]
Enviado el: Thursday, May 31, 2007 1:48 PM
Para: david@cancun-condos.com
Asunto: Thank you for letting us stay at the Solymar Condo

What a beautiful condo. It was sooooo beautiful. I plan to return, again and again and again. Thank you soo much for making our stay a beautiful one. We didn't request or receive much room service, but we did love it nonetheless. Solymar is in a wonderful location. The room was big! Quite bigger than I expected. This is just a thank you, from all of us.
Enjoy the rest of your summer.
Peace and Light,
Jamie Walker, Ph.D., Author/Journalist


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De: Koehn, Donna [mailto:dkoehn@SHAWU.EDU]
Enviado el: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 1:01 PM
Para: reservations@cancun-condos.com
Asunto: Wow!!!


I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that we had a great time last week!  The condo was really nice, and the facilities at Solymar were great.  Beautiful pool, beach, everything was great.  We had some doubts due to some of the bad reviews we had seen on the internet, but interestingly even people we talked to that were staying in the hotel part were happy with everything.  I would be glad to provide a reference if you would like.  I hate to see a nice place like yours unfairly criticized.  I guess some people aren’t happy with anything, but I really thought you had a great value for the money and we will definitely come back.  I spoke to the people in the villa we were originally supposed to have (#7) and they were nice enough to let me come in and take a look.  That was fantastic!  I will tell my friends that screwed up this year that we should try again next year and stay in that gorgeous villa!  Thanks again for all your help with everything.


Donna Koehn

Payroll & Benefits Manager

Shaw University

118 E. South St.

Raleigh, NC 27601





Form: Clinton Cannon [mailto:Clinton.Cannon@kbr.com]
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 1:56 AM
For: reservations@cancun-condos.com
Asunto: RE: Penthouse Options/ Thank you for a great time

Mardell and I just returned back to Afghanistan from Villa #10. We had a really great experience. The place was clean and the amenities throughout the condo were perfect. We really want to take the time to mention Emma. She went out of her way to provide us with information, got us a B-B-Q stand and generally went way above the call of duty to make our stay the greatest. From reading your passdown comment log @ the condo this is standard for her. Our lady friends(wives and girlfriends) were even comfortable around her and that is saying something> knowing how women can be. Once again…..Thank You



I highly recommend Cancun Condos. My wife and I have stayed at the Solymar twice and we recommend it to all of our friends that are vacationing in Cancun.

Best Regards,
Rob McNamara

Rob McNamara
Warehouse Manager
Fluor Mideast Ltd.

e-mail: rob.mcnamara@fluor.com


From: James Pinnock <James.Pinnock@fsa.gov.uk>

Thanks for arranging our condo for us - we had a really good holiday and hope to visit again one day.  When we checked out, the front desk got a bit confused as they seemed to think that we were supposed to have checked out on 27 May rather than 28 May; otherwise there were no other problems.

Thanks again.  Good luck for the rest of the year.


From: Shawn D. King <shawnking@wideopenwest.com>
Cc: jcanter@wideopenwest.com
Subject: Our Vacation last week

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience in Cancun.  Your hospitality,
and tips on places to go and things to avoid (timesharing) (smile) was
great! Even though I still managed to give my information to one of those
timeshare people.

The condo was wonderful with the view of the Ocean from the front balcony,
and the sunsets from the back patio.  The maids did a wonderful job of
keeping the room clean and were very friendly.  We really picked a nice
place when we decided to stay at your condo's (Solymar).

The seafood restaurant you suggested at the first light down from the Condo
was wonderful.  We sat on the dock and actually had alligators coming up to
get scrap food to eat from the patrons dining on the dock.  Below John and
I's table was a sting ray eating.  The food was good too.  It was a
wonderful experience.

I hope we can come back in May.  I have taken your information and put it
at the bulletin board here at the Bank.  I hope you get some good leads.  I
am jealous that you are there, and I am here,  where in another few weeks
will be cold and the snow soon to arrive.  Cancun is paradise.  

Your friend.

Shawn King


From: Claudia Bernardi <cbernard@baka.net>
Subject: Million Thanks!!

On Behalf of me and my friend Sonia we would like to express our thanks
for providing us with such exceptional service.  We can honestly say that you
helped make our stay comfortable.  The staff was extremely polite and the
maids we very friendly.  I am hoping to return one day and when I do I
will be getting in contact with you..

Thank you again!
We had an awesome time!

Claudia Bernardi