Unlike most vacation resorts Cancun has an excellent bus system.

There are 2 bus companies, Turicun and Autocar. Both of them run buses, 24 hours a day, up and down the length of the Hotel strip (the island). The cost is 6.00 pesos per ride (about 50 US cents), per person to any destination on the hotel strip. If your are going from one point of the Hotel Zone to another point on the Hotel Zone, do not worry, you cannot take the wrong bus. They all go the same way as there is only one road in Hotel Zone. Just make sure about the direction you want to go, if going towards Downtown or away from Downtown.

You must ask for your ticket if it is not automatically given to you once you pay, and hold it for the entire journey as inspectors often check to make sure that everyone has paid.

You can tell the bus driver where you want to get off as they all speak a little English, however it is advisable that you keep alert and watch out for your stop as almost everyone uses this transportation and the driver cannot remember everyone’s stop.

NOTE: Always pay in pesos (although the drivers do accept US dollars), and always pay with the exact change.


Taxis abound in Cancun, and although there are set rates, some vary what they charge.


Here is a list of what to expect:

La Boom area to downtown $45 pesos

La Boom area to Plaza Caracol $45 pesos

Plaza Caracol to Plaza Kukulcan $45 pesos

Plaza Kukulcan to Solymar $45 pesos

Around downtown $15 pesos

Downtown to Puerto Juarez $25 pesos

Downtown to Punta Sam $35 pesos

Downtown to airport $130 pesos

AIRPORT PICK-UP: We can arrange to have someone waiting for you when you arrive at competitive prices. CLICK HERE for more info.



Stamps and cards to the USA and Canada usually cost $2 pesos and Europe $3 pesos. You can send correspondence from your hotel, use the mail boxes in town or go to the post office located on Sunyaxchen Ave, downtown. Alternatively there is a DHL on Avenue Tulum, a Federal Express also Ave Tulum and a Mail Boxes ETC  very close to Market 28 on Xpuhil Street (Mercado 28). and also on Av. Tulum. 


Don’t forget to always hold onto your tourist card (visa) as it must be returned to immigration officials when you leave the country. If you travel outside of Cancun you should bring your passport with you. The immigration offices are on Avenue Nader, just one street from Avenue Tulum and beside the Comercial Mexicana supermarket.


Tipping is very common in Mexico. The average tip for waiters is from 10 to 15% depending on the service. Hotel maids get a couple of dollars a day, depending on how much they have to do, the size of the room, suite, condominium, etc., Bellboys and skycaps at the airport can expect anywhere from .25 to .50 US per bag.


In town the speed limit is generally 40km/hr (approx. 25 mi/hr) and in the Hotel Zone 60km/hr (approx. 37mi/hr), with busy sections at 40kmi/hr ( approx.25mi/hr). Highways range between 90km/hr (approx. 55mi/hr) and 110km/hr (approx. 68 mi/hr). Speed bumps are a popular way of keeping drivers within the speed limits; look for them when entering and leaving villages and towns.