This section is devoted to peso analphabets. It gives you the complete guide to knowing $ in Mexico. The official currency is called Peso.

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Coin No1 is  Five ("Cinco") Centavos (5 Cents of Peso)
Coin No2 is Ten ("Diez") Centavos
Coin No 3 is Twenty ("Veinte") Centavos
Coin No 4 is Fifty ("Cincuenta") Centavos
Coin No 5 is One ("Un") Peso (About 10 US Cents)
Coin No 6 is Two ("Dos") Pesos
Coin No 7 is Five ("Cinco") Pesos (About 50 US Cents)
Coin No 8 is Ten ("Diez) Pesos (About 1 Dollar)
Coin No 9 is Twenty ("Veinte") Pesos
Coin No 10 is Fifty ("Cincuenta") Pesos (You do not see too many)
Bill No 11 is Ten ("Diez") Pesos
Bill No 12 is Twenty ("Veinte") Pesos
Bill No 13 is  Fifty ("Cincuenta") Pesos
Bill No 14 is One Hundred ("Cien") Pesos
Bill No 15 is Two Hundred ("Doscientos") Pesos
Bill No 16 is Five Hundred ("Quinientos") Pesos (About 50 USD)




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